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Create Ion Perfect Fit ( 2 pieces )

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Professional Hair Clip that leaves no crease and no mark!

Because it is a hair clip lined with silicone rubber, the hair will stay clipped securely without slippage. It is perfect to use when cleansing your face, putting make-up on, or sectioning your hair. This is the go-to hair clip for many professional hair salons in Japan.



Professional design, perfect feeling!

Patented Technology
High Temperature Resistant
Ergonomic Design

Rounded Tip

Rounded tip of the clip base is easy on the scalp when parting/ sectioning hair.

Silicone Rubber

Grabs hair firmly, and prevents the hair from sliding out. Holds hair softly, and does not leave the obvious creases or clip marks on hair.

Anti-Slip Treatment

Slip resistant handle makes for long lasting, easy use.

How to Use

How to Use

Start with clean, dry hair. Run a comb through hair, removing any knots and tangles.
Clip the sections that you are not using on the top of your head or behind your shoulders

Specification & Cautions

Specification & Cautions


Model No.
Total length about 112mm

*Products are subject to change in specifications without notice for quality improvement.


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