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  • Smoke came out while I was using the hair iron. Will my hair get burned?

    Excess moisture in and on the hair is evaporated by the heat from the iron. Please be assured that any vapor you notice while using the product is steam, and not smoke.

  • I may have forgotten to turn the hair iron off...

    For some hair iron models, a 1-hour automatic shut-off function is installed. (The power will shut off automatically after one hour from the time of the last operation) Please check for more information on the product page.

  • Although the instruction manual says "Do not use hair styling products before using the hair iron". Is it safe to use?

    Please do not use any hair styling products except for hair products that are specifically designed for use before applying heat to the hair, such as heat protection products. Even with the pre-iron hair products, if you use a hair iron on damp hair, it will cause damage to the hair. It is best to dry the hair first before using a hair iron, then apply styling products as the finishing process.

  • It takes a long time for the hair iron to cool down. Where should I put it?

    Please leave it on a flat surface, on material that is not sensitive to heat. Leaving the iron on material that is heat sensitive could cause discoloration of material, deformation, ignition, etc. due to the excessive heat.

    Please also, do not leave it in a bathroom or any place with high humidity, such as on top of a sink. Electric shock or fire may result.

  • Should I wrap the cord around the iron (or dryer) when I store it away?

    No. Please tie the cord by itself when storing the Iron. Wrapping the cord around the iron (or dryer) could cause it to short circuit and malfunction.

  • Can I use the iron overseas?

    All of our Create Ion® Grace products that are currently available in the US have dual voltage settings. For the hair dryer, the dual voltage switch must be adjusted according to the voltage setting per country. Please follow the instruction manual for details.

    Please also prepare a plug that is compatible with outlets and voltages that vary depending on the country you are traveling to.

  • How do I identify the counterfeits?

    Please contact customer service and provide details of any product you would like to verify. Our product specialists will kindly help to verify the product authenticity.

  • The iron stand is touching the barrel while it is heated. Is it going to melt?

    The rubber part of the stand is heat resistant. There is no risk of melting or deformation.

  • Which size curling iron should I choose?

    It depends on the length of your hair and desired hairstyle.

    The size of the curling iron - 26 mm and 32 mm - represents the diameter of the barrel. Generally, we recommend 26 mm for short hair and/or for tighter curls, and 32 mm for long hair and/or bigger curls.

  • I don’t know how to use a curling iron!

    Please refer to the following video. YouTube Link

  • I don’t know how to create forward curls (curls toward your face) and reverse curls (curls against your face!)

    Please refer to the following video and practice forward and reverse curls. YouTube Link

  • Can I use Grace Straight on a chemical treatment process from a salon?

    Grace Straight is designed for everyday hair styling. Using it for chemical treatment processes may not give the best results and is not recommended.

  • I do not know how to use a straightening iron!

    Please refer to the following video and practice. YouTube Link

  • The air louver part inside the nozzle looks like it has dirt on it. Should I clean it? Is it defective?

    This part is processed with Create Ion® power. Please be assured that it is not dirt or defective. Reference: (Create Ion® Technology)

  • It smells like something is burning when I’m using my dryer.

    Please make sure that you have the proper voltage setting on the dryer according to the country’s voltage specification. The wrong voltage set-up could cause serious damage to the dryer, which is not covered by the manufacturing warranty.

    Please also make sure that the filter at the back of the dryer is removed and cleaned periodically.